Dr. Lori Todd

Who are you? What is your purpose in life?

What is the unique gift that you have to give?

At the end of your life, what will your epitaph say?

These are the questions I hope we all spend our lives

exploring and answering.  And while answering these questions,

I hope we inspire the people in our lives to answering these for themselves.  Ask everyone you know, "Why are you on this planet?  What’s your unique legacy?” 

For myself, I am about living a life of giving, learning, creativity, and deep connection.

As a society, we have barely tapped into the possibilities we could have in love, success, and health.  I am relentless in my commitment to people connecting with their deepest humanity and living with freedom and connection.  My life has become an ongoing quest combining art, science and transformational work to have an impact on this world.  I have had many great teachers throughout the years. In particular, my parents, who in their eighties, are writing books and are living it up in NYC.

My life's journey as a scientist, an artist, and a professor has led me to found Legacy Center, Inc., a transformational coaching company in Morrisville, NC.  At Legacy Center, we stand for people to live extraordinary lives and make a difference as leaders in their communities.  Through coaching and leadership development programs, we share our work with both individuals and businesses all over the United States and overseas.

I wish for all of you who read this website to find your passion and purpose in life, to come from love, to make many mistakes, and to find great people to share your adventure.


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