Dr. Lori Todd asks, “How are you contributing to the world?”

Each of us has been granted an incomparable gift, a brief stay on this little blue ball.  To what end will you use it?  What will you create before you die?  Will your life be an expression of your unique gift?  These are the most important questions we can ask ourselves.  And the answers can be read in the way we live our lives, express our unique gifts, and impact humanity.

I definitely recommend the Couple’s workshop. Frank and I recently married and I started to settle into what I thought was married life – run of the mill-married life – go to work, come home, have disagreements, frustrations, arguments, and then of course hearing and laughing at the same old jokes. Then came the Couples workshop and I remembered we are not in a fixed relationship. But rather we are always at choice in how we relate to each other. We can also relate to one another from a much larger purpose than just being a couple, but for a reason that includes our commitment to the world.   Karen Cole

Saturday morning’s session was led by Dr. Lori Todd, A professor at UNC and the founding partner of WorldLegacy, Dr. Todd prompted students to learn about their own leadership styles and taught the students in attendance how to communicate effectively with different types of leaders. Through role playing and brainstorming, students learned how others “hear” their messages and how they could, in turn, be more responsive to different types of messaging.” John Spencer, director of student activities, said, “Prior to the weekend, several students relayed their skepticism about listening to professional speakers. However, at the close of the retreat on Saturday, most of those same students came up to me to express their appreciation for the opportunity to learn about their own leadership styles and how they can carry that message to their clubs’ constituents.” Reprinted From Duke Law News and Events, Second Annual Leadership Retreat

Practical Mastery was an incredible opportunity for me to uncover new layers of beliefs that create mischief in my life and just don’t work.  I loved that I used the practices during my time away from the workshop and I loved the diversity of the exercises. Katie Baird

The Inner game of Money, trained by Lori Todd, was very eye opening.  I have felt my relationship with money was affected by my emotions but I didn’t realize how far back in life it began.  Also I did not realize how my scarcity could cause scarcity for my husband.  I can now have open communication with my husband about our finances and my spending habits.  Then we can have more abundance and security for retirement.  Susan Cahoon

In Emotional Freedom, facilitated by Lori Todd, I discovered all the aspects of my life that I had lost, forgotten, or banished, and I discovered that I love all of me. I now have a new relationship with myself and everyone else in my life. I am free to love! I am free to be healthy!  Ellen Coates

The results I saw in Emotional Freedom were truly astonishing. There is no illusion in life that we are all energetically connected and that we are all healers. I can now have deeper and more authentic relationships with my personal family, and business relationships.  Judy Ordway